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This year, Gallery of Fantastic art is proud to host a charity fundraiser for the Tohoku earthquake that happened in Japan on March 11, 2011. The show's title is "Nippon Cha Cha Cha - AX 20th & GoFa 15th Memorial & 3.11 Charity Art Show". The goal of this show is to raise awareness and provide encouragement to those living in North East Japan who were affected by the disaster.

The following artwork will be available for viewing in the exhibit:
・ Mr. Izumi Matsumoto's (author of "Kimagure Orange☆Road") newly drawn, original art
・ A commemoration exhibit for LASTEXILE 2's broadcast
・ Artwork from the series Hakuoki
・ And artwork from artists who have appeared at Anime Expo in the past

Izumi Matsumoto is the creator of the popular romantic comedy manga, “Kimagure Orange ★ Road,” first published in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1984. Teenage love triangle meets fantasy in this landmark manga that has been adapted into an anime series, novels and a radio drama. In 1990s, Mr. Matsumoto started the production of digital comics with Toshiba EMI, and thought up the idea to read manga cell by cell on the computer monitor screen. His other major works include “Sesame ★ Street” and “Black Moon.”

Right before starting a new serialization in “Super Jump” in 1994, he began experiencing the symptoms of cerebrospinal fluid disease and was forced to suspend his work. Recently, he resumed his career as a manga-ka and hopes to bring attention to this disorder through his creative works. Mr. Matsumoto's art will be shown at Anime Expo in GoFa (Gallery of Fantastic art)'s Art Show in an exhibition titled "Nippon Cha Cha Cha - AX 20th GoFa 15th Memorial & 3.11 Charity Art Show." The GoFa booth will be adjacent to Anime Expo’s art show area.